George Niden, Managing Director

George Niden has over 35 years of business experience working at Fortune 500, privately held and venture backed companies. George was Co-Founder and Operating Executive of IMR Capital Corporation. In that role he helped develop the business plan to raise investment capital to finance a start up public communications company. Heavy focus was on winning support and obtaining both venture capital and bank financing throughout the 25-year history of the company. Once the necessary capital was achieved he switched the focus to personally manage all aspects of sales and operations of the company. He encountered and solved obstacles along the way, which included installation and maintenance, addressing vendor quality issues, dealing with state public utilities departments, the Federal Communications Commission and convincing potential customers to leave Verizon and ATT for an unknown start-up. In the process he encountered and prevailed in challenges ranging from equipment failures, telephone company sabotage, and complex legal and regulatory issues.

Mr. Niden began his career with IBM Corporation completing comprehensive accelerated sales and marketing training before assuming responsibility for new and large account territories. After IBM, George held sales and sales management positions in the computer leasing industry working for CIS Corporation and First Alliance Corporation originating and packaging computer equipment leases.

George Niden holds a BA degree from Williams College.