About Ice Glen Associates

Since its founding in 2005 by Maury Matteodo, Ice Glen has worked with over a hundred early-stage companies, most backed by leading venture capital firms. Ice Glen also supports many clients that have significant international reporting requirements as well as many companies that are angel-backed or yet to receive financing.

Ice Glen Associates is a financial advisory firm based in the Boston area that supports early-stage tech companies. Among the financial advisory services provided are CFO support, Section 409A business valuations, acquisition-related purchase price allocations, and pre-investment diligence. Client companies operate across a range of industries, including web services, software, clean tech, drug development, medical devices, and others.

The Team
Maury Matteodo, Founder, Managing Director
Since founding Ice Glen in 2005, Maury Matteodo has provided executive-level financial support to dozens of venture-backed technology companies. His practice includes providing part-time CFO services to early-stage technology companies, as well as project-based work that includes pre-investment due diligence for venture capital firms, audit preparation for early-stage companies, and transactional advisory services. Maury has prepared several hundred independent business valuations to help companies meet requirements under IRC Section 409A and GAAP and has also done numerous purchase price allocations and valuations of goodwill and intangibles under ASC 805 (formerly SFAS 141(R)) and ASC 350 (formerly SFAS 142) ). Read full bio.

George Niden, Managing Director
George Niden has over 35 years of business experience working at Fortune 500, privately held and venture backed companies. George was Co-Founder and Operating Executive of IMR Capital Corporation. In that role he helped develop the business plan to raise investment capital to finance a start up public communications company. Mr. Niden began his career with IBM Corporation completing comprehensive accelerated sales and marketing training before assuming responsibility for new and large account territories. He holds a BA degree from Williams College. Read full bio.